Glogster in the Classroom


What is Glogster?

Glogster is a social network that allows users to create free interactive posters, or glogs. The glog, short for graphical blog, is an interactive multimedia image. It looks like a poster, but readers can interact with the content. Glogster provides an environment to design interactive posters. The user inserts text, images, photos, audio, videos, special effects and other elements into their glogs to generate a multimedia online creation 1.

Getting Started with Glogster

As with most Web 2.0 teaching tools, it is relatively simple to set up a Glogster account for your students. Getting started is safe, private, and user-friendly. Teachers can sign up at the Glogster Edu site. After completing the registration steps, you will receive an email with your nickname, password and login link. From here you can add students to your account.Teachers can register up to 50 student accounts. All 50 may be added during the initial registration, or accounts can be added later to bring the total number of accounts to 50. After entering in the number of student accounts you need, you will receive randomly generated nicknames and passwords in your message box and email. You can change your students’ passwords before you distribute them to your students, or give your students the randomly generated passwords and instruct them to change their passwords under Account Settings…. Fairly simple stuff 2.

Using Glogster

Glogster is incredibly easy to use. The following Glogster Turorial by Traci Blazosky provides a very effective guide as to how you and your class can start creating Glogs. For those visual learners amongst us, this Youtube video will get you started in 90 seconds.

Why use Glogster in the Classroom?

Glogster has become enormously popular in recent times. It is fast developing as a major tool for students to demonstrate their learning in a creative manner. In the classroom, Glogster gives the students the opportunity to increase digital literacy and enhance their learning experiences by:

  • Enjoy a fun Learning experience
  • Demonstrate mastery of technology tools
  • collaborate with others to broaden and deepen understanding
  • use the writing process, media and visual literacy, and technology skills to create products that express new understandings
  • use technology tools to organize and display knowledge and understanding in ways that others can view, use, and acces
  • tapping into learners’ interests, offering appropriate challenges, and increasing motivation
  • providing learners options for demonstrating what they know 3

Who can use Glogster in the Classroom?

Glogster can be used by teachers and students. Due to its simplicity, even young students can create awesome presentations. I recently used Glogster with my Y5 Maths group. There task was to create a Glog on a famous Greek Mathematician. Some of them enjoyed it so much they started creating their own Glogs as extra HW! With assistance, I feel that you could have even the youngest primary students using this tool.

What can Glogster be used for in the Classroom?

Glogster can be used for any curriculum area. Students can create a Glog to display any new knowledge or learning. Completed glogs can be embedded into your school VLE or Class wiki. The following are different examples for different subject areas.


  • Book Reviews
  • Character Portrayals
  • Story Settings
  • New Vocabulary
  • Parts of Speech 4
  • Play Posters
  • Poetry


  • Explain Mathematical concepts
  • Demonstrate Learning/ Understanding in various areas.
  • Create a GLOG showing Real World Maths
  • Create a GLOG on Famous Mathematicians


  • Glog on Body Systems
  • Interactive Solar System Glog
  • Explain Forces
  • Energy Glogs


  • Famous people, time or era
  • Timeline of events
  • Arguments for and against
  • Specific Information on historical Episode.


  • Famous Artist/Period
  • Comparison of work/ paintings
  • Detailed analysis of paintings

The list here could go on indefinintely. What is clear is that Glogster can be used in all areas of the curriculum and create some outstanding results. Here are some examples:



In summary, Glogster is a very easy to use tool which will allow students to your students a creative to way to express themselves and demonstrate their learning. As I have witnessed, they will enjoy using it.

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  1.   Miss H on May 28th, 2011          

    I’m a big fan of glogster! We often use it for class brainstorming and share the embed code with all the students so they get individual copies. Makes the process much faster.

  2.   Chris Roche on May 28th, 2011          

    Thank you… What a great idea! I will try that :)

  3.   Jay on May 28th, 2011          

    Cool blog! Ive used Glogster to get the kids to connects with MSa nd HS by having ES school ‘contracts’ to create a poster for the schools movie awards. Criteria set by MS or HS students and Gr 1 had to figure out how to take on the challenge using Glogster.

  4.   Chris Roche on May 29th, 2011          

    Brilliant idea… I love the whole school collaboration. How did the Gr 1 students get on?

  5.   The Glogster EDU Team on October 10th, 2012          

    We constantly improve Glogster EDU. You can now use many glogs for inspiration in our Glogpedia or to use one of those glogs to save it as your own and save some time:


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